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Questions about the Fake Shop Detector

  • What are fake shops?
  • Which fake shops does the Detector know?
  • How does the AI come to the conclusion that a shop is fraudulent?
  • Which reputable online shops does the Fake Shop Detector know?
  • How does the Fake Shop Detector deal with marketplaces?
  • Is the Fake Shop Detector also available for smartphones?
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Questions about use

  • How do I install the Fake Shop Detector?
  • Why is there no result?
  • How can I report a fake shop that the Detector has not detected?
  • What can I do if the result of the detector is wrong?
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Questions from traders

  • How does an online shop get the green symbol?
  • Why does a yellow question mark appear in my shop?
  • Why can't my online shop be checked automatically?
  • What are the possibilities for cooperation?
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Questions about data protection

  • Does the Fake Shop Detector track my search and shopping behaviour?
  • What personal data is stored for security reasons?
  • Where can I find out more about data protection?
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