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Shop Reviews

The Fake Shop Detector calculates a risk for every online shop visited.

The risk indicators in detail

Caution: Fake shop

It is a fake shop or the fake shop risk is very high.


  1. Warning from Watchlist Internet: If a shop has already been identified as a fake shop by the Watchlist Internet experts - a grey overlay appears above the visited website and the notice: "This shop has been classified as a fraudulent offer, you should not shop here!". More about the data sources of the Detector.
  2. AI risk calculation: If numerous similarities to known fake shops are found, the AI model rates the fake shop risk as very high. If this online shop is unknown to you, we advise you to check it yourself before placing an order. If you find any errors, please provide us with feedback.

Check before you order

A reliable assessment is not possible.


The yellow symbol appears when a domain is on the list of problematic online shops or a website has been automatically checked but your initiative is required. This risk rating has different gradations: Problematic shop, Fake shop Risk: High, or The result does not allow a clear risk assessment.

If the yellow symbol is displayed on an online shop you are not yet familiar with, we recommend our tips. With increasing use, ambiguous risk assessments will become fewer and fewer. This is because every online shop is checked again by the experts and classified appropriately. In other words: You help us and the AI model will be able to evaluate more and more accurately.

No fake shop risk

This website is not a fake shop.


  1. Quality mark: An online shop that has been awarded a quality mark is the safest way to shop online. The following quality marks are currently recognised by the Fake Shop Detector.
  2. Online shop directory: In our data sources you can see which online shop directories the Detector accesses. It is not a certification of the quality of online shops. We therefore advise you to follow our tips before making your first purchase in an online shop.
  3. AI risk calculation: This website was checked by artificial intelligence. No or very few elements were found that indicate a fraudulent online shop. If you have any doubts about this automatic assessment, we refer you to our tips.

Neutral indicators

The grey symbols appear when the detector is still working, does not recognise an online shop or there is a problem.

No review

This website has not been reviewed. It is not an online shop or a marketplace. Learn more about marketplaces here.

Something went wrong

The Fake Shop Detector cannot perform a check at the moment. Either no connection can be established to the servers, you have not given your consent to the real-time analysis by artificial intelligence, or you have not accepted the terms of use (EULA).

The Fake Shop Detector is still working

This page is currently being checked in real time for possible fake shop features. Please be patient until the detector has completed its analysis.