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Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy, Ebay, Willhaben, Shöpping, Otto.de ...


In many online shops, a wide variety of traders offer their goods - in e-commerce, the term "marketplace" is used for this. The Fake Shop Detector cannot evaluate the seriousness of individual traders on one and the same website, i.e. a marketplace.

What are marketplaces and what is important to consider?

A wide variety of traders offer their goods on marketplaces. The operators of marketplaces provide the infrastructure and sometimes the logistics. It is important to note that the sales contract is often not concluded between customers and the marketplace itself, but between you and the trader who sells via the marketplaceHow reputable the traders are overall and how well protected you are in case of problems when buying online differs, depending on the controls by the operators of a marketplace.

Our tips

  • Check which trader you are buying from and whether you can find full contact details.
  • Read the ratings and reviews from other customers.
  • Check the shipping and payment conditions. These are partly guaranteed via the marketplace, and they depend partly on each trader individually.
  • Take a look at the return conditions for the product you want.