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FAQ: Questions from traders

How does an online shop get the green symbol?

  1. The online shop bears a quality mark or has been classified as reputable in the Fake Shop Detector database. Learn more about the data sources of the Fake Shop Detector here.
  2. The online shop was analysed in real time by the AI and classified with a very low or low risk. To do this, the software checks more than 21,000 features of a website to measure the similarity to known fake shops. You can read details about artificial intelligence here.

If you think the AI Detector's assessment is wrong, you can report an error at any time.

Why does a yellow question mark appear in my shop?

  1. The online shop is on the Watchlist Internet's list of problematic shops.
  2. It is the result of real-time analysis by artificial intelligence: unknown online shops are automatically checked for their similarity to known fake shops. If no clear evaluation can be derived from the analysis, a yellow question mark appears. The users receive tips on how to check the online shop for trustworthiness before making a purchase.

Our data sources (online shops with quality marks, online shop directories from Austria) are constantly being expanded. Support us by reporting errors.

Why can't my shop be checked automatically?

There may be technical difficulties with real-time analysis by artificial intelligence. 

If your online shop is affected, you can report bugs to us. We are constantly working to improve the Fake Shop Detector and welcome your feedback.

What are the possibilities for cooperation?

When a website is analysed, the Detector first accesses a database of online shops and fake shops. Ideally, this data is continuously updated via cooperations.

Are you also interested in becoming a Fake Shop Detector cooperation partner? You can find more information on this topic under Cooperation.

Our team endeavours to respond to your enquiries quickly.