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FAQ: How to

How do I install the Fake Shop Detector?

The Fake Shop Detector can only be used on a laptop or computer. Click here to go to the download area. You can find detailed installation instructions here.

Why is there no result?

  1. Technical difficulties prevent the analysis in real time: In this case, we ask you for a little patience - as a rule, the Fake Shop Detector will be working properly again within the next hour.
  2. Lack of consent for real-time analysis by artificial intelligence: For the Fake Shop Detector to function fully, you must consent to the automatic classification of unknown websites during installation. Otherwise, you will only be shown results for known websites. You can revoke or add your consent at any time under the settings of the browser plug-in.

How can I report a fake shop that the Detector has not detected?

What can I do if the Fake Shop Detector result is wrong?

  • The green symbol of the Fake Shop Detector is no guarantee for a good shopping experience. If there are problems with your online purchase, the Internet Ombudsman's Office will mediate free of charge.
  • If you discover an incorrect rating, we would be pleased to receive your feedback. You can report errors to us here, which will be continuously corrected by our team.