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About us

Your protection against fake shops

We, a team of experts on Artificial Intelligence and Internet fraud in e-commerce, have developed a tool that warns you in real time about fraudulent online shops!

For each online shop, an icon appears next to the address bar of your internet browser. It is a risk assessment according to the traffic light system: green stands for all-clear, yellow calls for your initiative and red is a warning signal.

Install the Fake Shop Detector in your internet browser!

How it works

The Fake Shop Detector checks every online shop in two steps: First, a database of reputable and fraudulent online shops is searched, which is curated by experts. If an online shop is unknown, the second step is a real-time analysis by artificial intelligence (AI). In the automatic analysis of websites, attention is paid to the quality and traceability of the AI. It never learns unsupervised, but is subject to constant review and quality control by the Watchlist Internet experts. Since the end of July 2020, 1 million shop evaluations have already been carried out via the Fake Shop Detector.

The Fake Shop Detector knows more than 10,000 fraudulent online shops and more than 25,783 trustworthy online shops in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Currently, more than 8,500 users are participating in the beta operation. There are 400,000 API requests to the system per day.

Curated database

In a first step, the Fake Shop Detector uses a database to check whether the page you are visiting has already been clearly rated as a fake shop or as a serious online shop. This database includes the following data sources that have been checked by experts:

  • List of fraudulent or problematic online shops from the Watchlist Internet
  • Shops with quality seals and certificates (such as the Austrian E-Commerce Quality Seal)
  • Lists of cooperation partners
  • Directories of Austrian online shops
  • Entries for reputable online shops from previous checks by the Detector

You can learn more about the data sources used by the Fake Shop Detector here.

Data sources

Real-time analysis by artificial intelligence

All unknown websites are evaluated by the Fake Shop Detector with regard to their similarity to fake shops. The decisive factors are not individual features, but many features in combination. 21,528 features are included in the real-time evaluation by the artificial intelligence.

To ensure quality, the artificial intelligence behind it was developed in cooperation with the internet fraud experts of Watchlist Internet. After all, an AI is only as good as the data it is based on. The data basis for the Fake Shop Detector was thousands of known fake shops, from which page features were taken. The quality of the risk assessments is also constantly checked by the experts. Past tests show that the risk assessments of the Fake Shop Detector are very good overall.

You can learn more about the artificial intelligence used in the Detector here.

Artificial Intelligence

Data protection

The protection of your personal data is of particular concern to us. As a basic principle, the Fake Shop Detector follows the GDPR's principle of data minimisation. Apart from the IP address and a plugin ID, which is randomly generated during the installation of the plugin, no other personal data is stored when requests are made to the server. The privacy-by-design approach of the detector ensures that a large number of risk assessments that are already known are made offline and directly locally from the cache of the user's own browser. Thus, even in the case of an intrusion into our backend system, it is impossible to create a profile of the surfing behaviour of individual users from the log files. The terms of use state that data from the log files will never be merged or passed on to third parties.

You can read our privacy policy in detail here.

Privacy policy